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Working in support of the optimal modern business environment

We offer a full range of products that are essential to today’s business environment, from chemicals to manufacturing information, daily necessities, and manufacturing.

Our goal is to provide high quality products and services that anticipate the user requirements.

Comprehensive packing solutions based on industry-leading technology

The Packing Materials Division engages in the comprehensive development, design, and manufacture of all types of packing materials. Products include special-purpose cases custom designed to meet individual transportation requirements as well as resource-efficient reusable packing materials. The Packing Materials Divisions commands outstanding technical capabilities especially in packing materials for merchandise of unusually complex shapes. Packing materials services are available at offices nationwide. Continuous product enhancement, cost reduction efforts, and an established system for instant delivery are self-understood

Liquid paraffin, White Oil & Transformer Oil.

At the heart of any Electrical Transforming Device are Electrical Insulating Oils or TRANSFORMER OILS that keep the system cool, fit, healthy and safe. Highly refined paraffinic mineral oils derived from severely hydro cracked /hydroisomerised base oils of ultimate purity. Chemically and biologically stable products with zero tolerance level for pathogenic bacteria support Totally free from aromatic hydrocarbons for enhanced safety. Chemically / biologically inert and totally non  carcinogenic in nature and Completely trustworthy as ingredients of personal Health care and baby products.

Industrial Chemicals & Solvents.

We provide wide range of industrial chemicals Central to the modern world economy, We provides a wide selection of chemicals that are immediately available   at competitive prices and in the quantities and packaging that suit your needs, including bulk

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